The 'Global Peace Federation' is the non-hierarchical backbone of the obvious: The majority of all people worldwide wants peace!

The 'Global Peace Federation' forms a living organism from all peace-motivated individuals, organized decentrally and constantly growing. The 'Global Peace Federation' is represented by independent groups, institutions, organizations, and/or companies, each of which represents one or more communities for the 'Global Peace Federation'.

The 'Global Peace Federation' sees itself as a union of all those, who contribute to a peaceful world today, or wish to contribute. This includes large parts of musicians worldwide, business people, actors, scientists, the LGBTQ community, peace initiatives, craftsmen, human rights organizations, Rotarians, Freemasons, Lions, Kiwanis, and of course, many people from various religious communities, ... All communities and groups that are in turn well and vividly connected worldwide.

The 'Global Peace Federation' was launched in 2023; its reach was initially estimated at about 1.9 billion people worldwide by the beginning of 2024